5 Ways to Attract More Abundance into Your Life

Feel Gratitude: Be thankful for not only what you have in your life right at this moment, but also for all of the riches coming your way. Manifest It: Raise your vibrations to achieve a happier state of mind, which will begin to attract more positivity and wealth into your life. Show Respect: Let your current money know that you want it to multiply by checking your account balances regularly, creating an automatic savings account, […]

Teaching Kids About Gratitude, Money & Abundance

Teaching your children about money, gratitude, and abundance can go a long way in setting them up for financial success and stability in the future. Yet many parents avoid discussing these topics with their kids because they aren’t sure how to approach the subject or believe they’re too young to understand. The good news is that there are numerous age-appropriate resources available that practically do the work for you. Check out the below links today […]

Overcoming Burnout and Creating A Harmonious Work-Life

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Gonzalez, a wellness consultant, on the Where Money Meets Soul podcast. On a mission to guide people towards vitality, longevity, and a more harmonious work-life balance, she talked about the importance of using movement, rituals, and meditation/mindfulness practices to tap into our true power. The creator of Elemental Conditioning, a mobility and mindfulness practice that helps people get back to basics, Kelly spoke about recognizing the symptoms of […]

Creating Balance When Feeling Overwhelmed

Life can get hectic and when it does, we often start to feel overwhelmed and pressured to create more peace in our lives. However, that very need to stop overwhelm in its track can sometimes lead to more of the same, which then generates even more stress and anxiety. So how do we stop the downward spiral? Meet Dawn Depke, a result-driven master mindset authority, who guides people through a shape-shifting journey of discovery, helping […]

Real Estate Investments 101

If investing in real estate sounds like an enticing way to earn additional income to you, we learned some excellent tips on how to get started from Monick Paul Halm, founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses. Monick visited us on the From Broke to Badass Masterclass series where she shared great ways to get started with real estate investment. Monick explained that before you get started you need to understand how you want to invest […]